the infamous rum cake

$45 for 9″ bundt, nut free
add pecans: $5
make gluten-free: $15

please indicate your boozy-level: light, regular, boozy

when it comes to this rum cake, there is no space to be humble.

a fun story: one of my closest friends invited me over for dinner with her mom, who was visiting from out of town. i brought my most requested dessert: this rum cake.

we really hit it off (I thought) and she really loved my rum cake.

fast forward a year, and her mom is back in town. I go to greet her, all familiar, and she looked at me confused. no idea who I was.

“you remember me! Sade…” I try.

*confused look*

“…I made a rum cake?”

“oooooh! of course!”

takeaway: this rum cake is literally more memorable than me, a human.

need I say more?

in bloom baking


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